LIKES employability training

The concept of LIKES was developed back as it pinned the drawback of the present education system. The idea behind LIKES was to get talents under one roof and train them according to the corporate requirements. as the students were not being prepared to face the reality but were just taught for the sake of getting a degree which was extensively harmful for their professional career.

We groom you into professionals fit for the corporate world.


Ancient Panchtatva in Modern Education :

The classical concept of Panchtatva in the modern finishing school focused on transforming talents into skilled professionals by bringing the power of five elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Sky.


(The Base)

Core Advanced Professional Training

Career without knowledge is like a house without a firm basement. Knowledge is the key and is where Ourea focussed through CTT. It gave a strong foundation to the candidates by providing the right corporate skills.


(The Passion)

Personality Development Training

Passion and zest are of utmost importance in achieving any goal. Ourea helped the candidates to figure out their area of interest through PDT that led to their right career decision.


(The Smoother)

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Proper communication is required while collaborating with new people. Ourea imparted Communication and Interpersonal Skills that instilled confidence in individuals by improving their personality.


(The Shapeshifting)

Image Reflecting Innovative Skills

Image Reflecting Innovative Skill Training is a newly designed concept that trained the candidates to fit into any corporate situation. Like water that takes the shape of the container, the IRIS concept taught flexibility, how to adjust in every stage of career and make correct choices.


(The Boundlessness)

Corporate Etiquette and Management

CEM trains the candidates and offers a better understanding of behavioural and presentation skills to stand out in the corporate crowd. It gave the corporate etiquette training like leadership skill training, assertive skill training, critical thinking skills, negotiation skills training, delegation skills training and many more.


 LIKES course are available in different modules which are prepared by experts of concerned domain.



 Enroll in specialised courses to learn a specified skill, and avail certificate to share within your potential network and employees.



Any job aspirant who has a degree or diploma can take one learning experience so as to enhance the professional skills.



In addition to the courses you also can have a thorough interactive experience with a subject matter expert on your priority.



All courses under LIKES are provided with certification as ourea in collaboration with council for technical development for educational and scientific studies with NSDC, DAC,ISO,SkillIndia,Nation career service, PMKY, IAF,Vidyadaan, IAF, etc.


Benefits of LIKES

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LIKES-Industrial training tool

We give you a base for the course. We make you familiar with the concepts in the field and help you with tips to handle professional situations better.

Next, we find and elaborate prominent cases so you get a better understanding of the functioning of the system in the respective field.

We then put in you real life situations to give you a front hand experience of the field so you can understand the pressure and necessities of situations.

Courses under likes

We offers a platform for aspiring candidates to comprehend the requirements of the companies and possess the correct blend of knowledge, talents, and attributes. In addition to this we also provide trainings to professionals who lack confidence on different aspects by experimental learning .