Industrial Skills

Earth And Fire: Knowledge

Industrial training is the experience in the actual field other than theoretical knowledge. You get to indulge in the working of the industry system leading to a better experience and handling of future expected situations.  We help you understand the implications of the theories and applications for a better hold in the job.

Technical Course

Marketing Course

Design Course

Industrial Training Tool


We give you a base for the course. We make you familiar with the concepts in the field and help you with tips to handle professional situations better.

Case Studies

Next, we find and elaborate prominent cases so you get a better understanding of the functioning of the system in the respective field.


We then put it in your real life situations to give you a front hand experience of the field so you can understand the pressure and necessities of situations.

Technical Course

Web Development



Marketing Course

Ancient Panchtatva in Modern Education: The classical concept of Panchtatva in the modern finishing school focused on transforming talents into skilled professionals by bringing the power of five elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Sky.

Employment Skill Enhancement Traning

We offers a platform for aspiring candidates to comprehend the requirements of the companies and possess the correct blend of knowledge, talents, and attributes. In addition to this we also provide trainings to professionals who lack confidence on different aspects by experimental learning .

Marketing & Sales Training

Marketing And Sales enhancement Training. Whatever you sell, the magic behind it completely depends on what your prospect feels when they engage with you. How you sell is irrelevant as long as the magic works! We help you learn the magic to sell anything and everything. You want to be that magician who can sell anything under the Sun ? MAST ( Marketing And Sales Training ) has a all answers for it!!

Customer Service & Relationship Training

Customer service and relationship Training. The course equips you with essential customer service skills and enlighten candidates on how to handle customers effectively with best practices and techniques.Effective complaint handling skills can teach you the process and methodologies for the same.

Graphic Designing

Technical Course

Leadership Management

Personality Management

Human Resource Management