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Ourea academy is the training wing of the 360-degree business management consultancy that focuses on providing a strong foundation to budding aspiring entrepreneurs to shape a borderless future in the startup ecosystem. We aim at carving entrepreneurs by mentoring guiding them to evolve as a steady, consistent revenue generating startup.

Our Startup Services

Entrepreneurship Bootcamps

Startup boot camps are industry-focused programs around the world and help startups scale by offering them direct access to international network of the most relevant mentors, investors, and partners. We enable the aspiring entrepreneurs to realise their latent potential and develop their capabilities to meet the challenges ahead along with fostering entrepreneurial traits including creativity, concern for excellence, leadership, problem solving, etc. Besides we provide them with an opportunity to interact extensively in formal and informal settings, with well-known entrepreneurs and achievers.

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Founders Mentoring Sessions

Founders as they set out on their journey of entrepreneurship, filled with energy, excitement, self-confidence and strong belief in their vision are driven by their passion more than realistic perception. The transformation of founders in understanding the startup culture much closer, that they learn how to navigate the intricate labyrinth of business decision-making. The aspiring entrepreneurs are mentored by startup gurus mentors who are amazingly blended accustomed to the startup ecosystem.

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At Ourea academy, we help you to choose a direction based on personal values and your true unrealised potential. Both values and potential are revealed further through the use of powerful coaching tools devised by our experts during the overall coaching process.

Business Formulation

The session is mainly aimed at formulating planning strategic ideas right from the root level so as to avoid major startup mistakes come up with
a strong implementable business model. It’s a perfect road map to all budding to understand the framework of how to build a startup that has practically implementing revenue generation model. A business brief to determine the market opportunity, identify unique selling proposition, position your idea in highly competitive market. We help you develop ability to understand the financial and strategic direction of an company based on organizational assessments.

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CXO Coaching

The sessions are totally dedicated to grooming business leaders/CXO’s helping them to build successful, high impact, values-based companies by
staying focused on what matters most in business. The nature of business requires today’s leaders to acquire a deeper, more detailed knowledge of the company’s business structure and develop a more indepth understanding of business issues. In addition, expanding the network with the business community with an open & flexible approach to create a stable global work environment. At ourea academy, we groom you to develop or
enhance your key competencies in the areas of business management, organizational leadership, learning and interpersonal skills to succeed in this ever-changing environment.

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Subject Matter Mentoring

The mentoring program is devoted to take the support & efforts of professional resources who are subject matter experts and can help entrepreneurs to grow their ideas into world-changing businesses.
The mentors are experts in their own domain with practically more than a decade of experience and hold the keys to the greatest challenges of evolving start-ups who can set a remarkable note in the industry. The takeaways from the class are aspired in transforming your ideas into workable ones through tips & guidance of the maestros. A customised action plan given by subject experts can save time and money while avoiding the common pitfalls.

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Scale Up Programs

Ourea academy targets early-stage startups that are looking for scaling & need assistance of domain expertise & business expansion strategies. The program is designed to strengthen startups performance in all relevant areas through highly tailored approaches. We provide startups with access to global experts in technology and business, a preferred path to the
best investors. Additionally, it provides the knowledge, resources, and association. We also support them in valuation as well perfect pitch
desks creation so as to attract investors. pitch perfect pitch deck creation so as to attract investors.

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Consultancy Services

We as a business management consultancy, transform you and help you to hear up for challenges in the business world. Our aim is to provide you with a confidence boost that takes you across milestones. We help enterprises find product-market fit and identify the exact steps they need to take to reach the next level of scalable and repeatable growth. We also provide personal training sessions, corporate mentoring & business coaching which helps you to implement the necessary processes for business growth.

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